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Author Archive: Bram Hechtkopf

Bram leads the "marketing of Kobie Marketing". He consults with current and prospective clients on new business opportunities, helping to develop customer retention and loyalty marketing solutions that drive increased retention and spend. Following in the footsteps of his father, Kobie's founder, Bram is eager to continue Kobie's vision of technology and data analytics as enablers of leading-edge marketing executions for world-class customer loyalty initiatives.

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Big Show, Big Deal? Takeaways from the 2014 NRF Conference

Kobie was in the house last week, at the National Retail Federation’s annual “BIG Show.” Held just two week’s into the New Year when resolutions to improve, update or reset are still being made by consumers and corporations alike, the industry was abuzz with talk of new technologies and possibilities. Keywords like big data, RFID [...]

Banking on Millennials’ Loyalty? Start Marketing Today

In the last few years, a new type of consumer banking model has emerged that is disrupting traditional lending institutions: virtual banks. If you’re not already familiar with this new breed of digital-only banks, look up these three – GoBank, Moven, and Simple. While the particulars of what each virtual bank offers varies, their common [...]

Pooling Points: Driving Travel Loyalty through Simplicity and Flexibility

JetBlue continues to garner positive attention with its customer service, terminal amenities and recent decision to end expiring points. Now the New York-based airline is trying something different with its TrueBlue Family Pooling Program. Billed as the first of its kind in the US airline industry, the program lets family members pool and share their [...]

Best Buy’s Revamped Loyalty Program and the Value of Mobile Check-in

Good things come to those who wait – including Best Buy’s 40+ million Reward Zone® loyalty program members.  Earlier this month, the electronics retailer announced a revamp of their program, starting with the program’s name change to ‘My Best Buy.’ It’s the type of brand refresh many verticals implement when they feel their loyalty program [...]

Why Personalized Experiences are Key to Airline Loyalty

It’s no secret that for airlines, the most valued fliers are those who accumulate the most miles flown per year, spend the most on tickets and make generous use of their ancillary services – on or off the plane. Call them an airline’s cash cows: losing their loyalty could negatively impact profits at a time [...]

What’s Up with Airline Loyalty?

For the most part, the airline industry gets a bad rap. Reporters and travelers alike lament the days of attentive and personalized service and the loss of perks that were previously included in the fare. Increasingly, airlines are coming under fire for the significant changes being made to their loyalty programs. Though some changes such [...]

Five Things Your Hotel Loyalty Program Should be Doing Now

Regardless of the season, hotels should be focused on getting maximum engagement and ROI from their loyalty programs. Although my recent article in Hotel Business Executive, Hotel Loyalty Rebirth: Five Things Your Loyalty Program Should Be Doing Now focused on the summer months, hotels should be engaging their guests and creating loyalty programs that connect [...]

Garnering Millennials’ Loyalty: All-Mobile Lender GoBank Drives Newfound Engagement

Loyalty program providers, Kobie included, often advise young businesses that loyalty from the get-go is much easier to implement than loyalty after the fact. Customer rewards programs work best when they are organically and seamlessly wedded to the brand promise. This is especially true when it comes to “legacy banks” – a financial services industry [...]

A New Airline Loyalty Program that Puts B2B Front and Center

Little by little, brands are realizing the importance of business-focused loyalty programs, and a new airline initiative proves that point: United’s MileagePlus Small Business Network is the first US B2B Travel Loyalty program of its kind. The MileagePlus Small Business Network allows businesses to earn reward miles for products they normally buy. Thanks to partnerships [...]