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Make This Better

The recent incident on United has caused us to take a closer look at the natural laws of customer service – those things you just can’t violate…

From our Chief Strategy Officer, Dave Andreadakis:

“It is a business decision to oversell. It is a business decision to accommodate crew transportation. It is a planning mistake to not have room for that crew. We can see all of these happening, even to the best of us. What is unimaginable is that United chose to leverage privileged access to forceful security to accommodate poor planning, tight margins, and despicable customer service.

Some perspective: You’re at a Home Depot. You pick out duct tape. You pay for the duct tape. Before you leave the store, an employee asks for volunteers to return their duct tape so they can serve other customers. You choose not to. You get ‘volunteered’ by the manager. You insist on keeping the duct tape. Security forcibly removes the duct tape and bloodies you. The CEO states that because you refused to comply, you were disruptive and belligerent. Legally, United was within their rights. But they broke every customer service law I can think of.”

Make this better.


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Author: David Andreadakis

David Andreadakis is the Chief Strategy Officer, responsible for the loyalty strategy and business development at Kobie Marketing. Andreadakis has extensive experience analyzing the strategic and financial aspects of loyalty strategy and program development for clients and their customers, as well as providing insights that will help enhance Kobie’s design, analytical, behavioral and platform offerings. Prior to joining Kobie, Andreadakis was the Director of Strategy and Business Development at AIMIA and was tasked with ensuring the optimal selection of strategies and tactics to meet the needs of clients, as well as overseeing the design of these programs to drive maximum value. Before his time at AIMIA, Andreadakis worked in consulting and sales for global companies that included Oracle, American Express Financial Advisors and Acosta Sales and Marketing. His expertise in behavioral economics has been applied in marketing analytics and risk assessment software.

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