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Loyalty Spring Cleaning: Has Your Program Passed Its Expiration Date?

It’s that time of year again. People everywhere are getting ready to commence in one of the seasons’ most well known rituals: Spring Cleaning. It’s no exception here at Kobie, we fully believe in tidying up and taking stock, not just of the kitchen, but of loyalty programs as well. Knowing when a loyalty program [...]

[Infographic] The Solomo pot-o-gold

Are you ready to get your Irish on? Check out our infographic for a few quick tips on using SoLoMo this St. Patty’s Day weekend to drive behaviors and increase engagement among your members. 480 px wide embed code: Presented By KOBIE.COM St-Patty-Day-Loyalty 600 px wide embed code: Presented By KOBIE.COM St Pattys Day Loyalty

[Infographic] What’s in the Loyalty Vault?

Loyalty program membership may be on the rise in the financial services industry, but in a post-Durbin Amendment market, many institutions are finding that they have to re-think their current offerings.  Check out the below infographic for a few tips we pulled from our loyalty vault that we think you’ll find useful when considering strategies [...]

Kobie Quarterly Review: Financial Services Edition Has Arrived!

In our latest Kobie Quarterly Review: Financial Services Edition, we take a good look at how the financial services sector is faring when it comes to loyalty marketing. Kobie President Michael Hemsey challenges financial services brands to learn about their customers. Michael looks at the evolving importance of Big Data and its accumulation beyond traditional [...]

How Can Loyalty Programs Integrate Crowdsourcing?

Retail TouchPoints recently interviewed Kobie VP of Business Development and Marketing, Bram Hechtkopf, for “Trend Watch: Crowdsourcing and Loyalty Programs Converge,” an article that looks at how loyalty programs and crowdsourcing are coming together. Bram argues that “as brands continue to integrate loyalty with social, which is really where crowdsourcing and its community-based aspects come [...]

[Infographic] Travel & Hospitality: A Loyalty Perspective

Suffering from loyalty jet lag? Check out the infographic below for a quick refresh of where loyalty is heading in the travel & hospitality industries. Want more? Check out the Kobie Quarterly Review: Travel Edition for even more great insight! 480 px wide embed code: Presented By KOBIE.COM Travel & Hospitality: A Loyalty Perspective Infographic

Customer Loyalty and the Hotel Industry: Tactics for 2014

Kobie’s VP of Business Development and Marketing, Bram Hechtkopf, recently wrote an article for eHotelier about how the hotel industry can improve its approach to loyalty marketing this year. “When it comes to generating customer loyalty, hoteliers need to do more than launch a generic loyalty program – which only succeeds in producing points-seeking ‘mattress [...]

Excelling at Engagement? Three Different Takes on Customer Loyalty

Scouring through the daily newsfeeds, it’s hard to miss the titles that include “loyalty.” That topic, after all, is what we focus on at Kobie, day in, day out. What struck me about the following three articles is they all raise interesting questions about loyalty but each from a different angle. 1. “Fickle About Loyalty” in [...]

Loyalty News Roundup

Welcome to Kobie’s Weekly Loyalty News Roundup! We’re pleased to present to you a variety of news ranging from loyalty programs and crowdsourcing to creating in-branch mobile experiences for your customers. Enjoy! KOBIE IN THE NEWS Personalization Is The Name Of The Game Direct Marketing News | FEB 11 Trend Watch: Crowdsourcing And Loyalty Programs [...]

Loyalty News Roundup: Week of Feb 3

Welcome to Kobie’s first ever Weekly Loyalty News Roundup! We’re pleased to present to you a conglomerate of relevant loyalty news and thought leadership, ranging from the effects of big data on loyalty programs to advice on how to target finicky Millenials. Enjoy! LOYALTY Big Data Boosts Loyalty, If You Know How The Wise Marketer [...]